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About us

Chirag Jain is the administrator and chief author of this business blog. He loves business and economics and devours financial books. In his free time, he also reads autobiographies/biographies of famous people like Lee Iacocca, Sam Walton and many many more.

We are a bunch of amateur economists who believe we can make business and finance much easier for the common man. True Indians at heart, we’ll tell you how global financial news affects the average Indian and the consequences of the Agriculture Budget, to name a few.

We shall look to explore new economic theories and business jargon in our endavour and explain the same in the blog.

So accompany us on our journey [ i hope it’ll be really long ] and bookmark this business blog – myfinancetimes , which is just another blog…. but we’ll show whats the difference – with our articles, up to date financial gossip, company takeover stories and lots more.

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With lots of posts coming your way, we’ll feed your growing business appetite!


19 Responses to "About us"

Great initiative. Keep it up.

from RCoM.

Love your blog, lets keep in touch!

gr8 initiative…gud work..but plzz…be a bit more precise..if u dont me…!!

Thanks everyone. It feels nice to get such a reception. I’ll work hard to live up to my promise!

thats god work.. i shall tr visiting the webpage regularly.. It would be nice if we can have one economic term a day simplifed..

Whats ur EMail id, chirag?

Hey Chirag..Thx for your comment in my blog…Just got to know abt ur blog..looks fantastic boss!! a nice initiatives by a bunch of ppl

This is a grear attempt which hopefully will fill a void , especially for the common layman.

Hi, must congratulate you on a fantastic initiative. The blog is very user-friendly both in terms of content and layout.

Please do let me know how to reach you on email.


Great articles on yr blog, Chirag.

Keep the good work up pal.

Good luck and God bless!

A really lofty target for someone of our age. Best of luck on your quest. I could say that I’ve a similar target, but with tech.

Thanks for the comment earlier…I’d forgotten.

Its Great Guys,

Keep it up. You guys have covered most of Business.
All the best. Going by what ‘The Nut’ says you must be really young and I am amazed at your knowledge levels.
I would love to come to your blog often.
Great Show.

Great blog! You guys generate interesting insights & lots of alternative perspectives around economic & financial issues. Simple, straight and powerful!

You run an interesting blog. I’d like to advertise on your blog. How much does it cost to place a link there? Also, do you write paid posts? Please, let me know if you are interested.

You know what i say each day… Great blog chirag

Long time no Post!

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